19 June 2014: Anglo-Saxon Derbyshire – Dave Barrett County Archaeologist for Derbyshire

In spite of the scarcity of Anglo Saxon archaeological sites in the local area, there was much to interest the audience for Dave Barrett’s talk.  Read more about the evidence of the sites from this period here:- Talk 19 June 2014

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Aircraft Wrecks Walk: 24 May 2014

wrecks walk group websmall
CHS Members braved the wet weather and were rewarded with much interesting information and fantastic views on this guided walk to selected aircraft wreck sites. Read on for more photographs and information via the link below.

wrecks walk lunch websmall

cosy lunchtime venue

wrecks walk woods websmall

Gloster Meteor site

Field Trip 24 May 2014

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“Lead Mining in the Local Area” by Dr Jim Rieuwerts: 15 May 2014

Jim Rieuwerts’ wide ranging and beautifully illustrated talk detailed the geology and history of lead mining in Castleton and North West Derbyshire as well as giving an insight into the working lives of lead miners.  Read more about his talk via the following link.

Talk 15 May 2014 lead mining

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Castleton and Its Old Inhabitants by Kay Harrison: Exciting new research reveals fascinating untold stories of village life

kay's photo of servantsFor many years now I have been researching Castleton’s history – in particular the people; those who lived, came, worked and died here. The research painted a fascinating portrait of past village life to me. I have used many archives and sources; the British Newspaper Archive in particular revealed an absolute treasure trove of previously unheard stories. These include the barmaster’s son, who shot himself dead after attending a funeral in 1894, an old cavern guide who hanged himself inside Peak Cavern in 1866, and a man who died following a cock fight scuffle at the Castle Inn in 1895. There are stories of crimes being committed here, some leading to transportation; one young man narrowly escaping the death sentence. The stories reflect family and village life as it was in times gone by, often very sadly; a pregnant servant from the Nag’s Head who took her own life when rejected by her lover in 1832, a little girl run over and killed by a cart as she played near the Market Place in 1836; all these stories and many more will be told on the CHS website. (See blogroll).

As a member and trustee of our Historical Society, I hope you enjoy reading this history as much as I have enjoyed researching and writing it.

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The Hospital of Blessed Mary: Colin Merrony: 17 April 2014

The mystery of Castleton’s Medieval Hospital has emerged slowly and tantalizingly over 7 years. Colin Merrony’s talk drew together the various pieces of evidence, linking together the siting of the discoveries and providing an overall view of the project to date. For more details of his talk, click on the following link.

Talk 17 April 2014 amd

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Hope Valley Wills and Inventories 1547 – 1650 by John Talbot: 20 March 2014

John Talbot’s research and analysis of local wills & inventories has provided a very interesting insight into the lives of local people. Read our report on his talk at Hope Valley Wills and Inventories

His work was carried out as part of the Joint Project between Castleton and Hope Historical Societies exploring the Lives of the Common People.  Further details of the project including an illustrated booklet, a self guided trail leaflet & an audio trail can be found on the Society’s website (link on the blogroll).


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Saws, Snuff and Silverplate by Dr Simon Barley: 20 Feb 2014

Joseph Wilson’s eclectic career as an entrepreneur in eighteenth century Sheffield throws light on the early processing of special steels, links him to the construction of the turnpike road through Castleton as well as the production of snuff  in Sharrow, in a building which still houses his company’s archives.  Simon Barley gave a fascinating account of Joseph Wilson’s life and his various enterprises and even intriguing details such as how many pounds of snuff can be stored in a cow’s bladder. Read more at this link:-      Saws, snuff & silverplate

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