The Search for Castleton’s Medieval Hospital goes on … 3

IMG_6600 websmall

Test pit

Resistivity testing.

Friday 28th June

Since Sunday there have actually been some nice dry days but I seem to choose the wet

The Hospital site on 28th June; wet and windy!

The Hospital site on 28th June; wet and windy!

and windy days to join the fun (be warned). However, tomorrow the weather is rumoured to improve. Main activities this week have been geophysics around the Redseats Barn (in the vicinity we think there was a fairly large house dating possibly from the early 1400s according to documentary evidence, and where the important local families Eyres and the Staleys lived at different times) – so a ground survey has been carried out to record levels, and resistivity to record changes in ground moisture that can indicate e.g. positions of tracks, foundations, etc. The hospital dig is also progressing well with yet more walls appearing and quite a large number of roof tile fragments possibly from as early as the late 15th century – very hard fired and glazed suggesting that they come from a high-status building. Tomorrow digging will continue on the hospital site opposite Losehill Hall – come and see what’s going on there even if you don’t want to dig!

Angela Darlington

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