Castleton and Its Old Inhabitants by Kay Harrison: Exciting new research reveals fascinating untold stories of village life

kay's photo of servantsFor many years now I have been researching Castleton’s history – in particular the people; those who lived, came, worked and died here. The research painted a fascinating portrait of past village life to me. I have used many archives and sources; the British Newspaper Archive in particular revealed an absolute treasure trove of previously unheard stories. These include the barmaster’s son, who shot himself dead after attending a funeral in 1894, an old cavern guide who hanged himself inside Peak Cavern in 1866, and a man who died following a cock fight scuffle at the Castle Inn in 1895. There are stories of crimes being committed here, some leading to transportation; one young man narrowly escaping the death sentence. The stories reflect family and village life as it was in times gone by, often very sadly; a pregnant servant from the Nag’s Head who took her own life when rejected by her lover in 1832, a little girl run over and killed by a cart as she played near the Market Place in 1836; all these stories and many more will be told on the CHS website. (See blogroll).

As a member and trustee of our Historical Society, I hope you enjoy reading this history as much as I have enjoyed researching and writing it.

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