Castleton Dig Diary 2016

Weeks 3 and 4                   Angela Darlington

Spital Field continued………..

The Spital field, where burials probably linked to the medieval hospital have been found in previous years, was the focus of this year’s dig. The aim this year was to find evidence of buildings associated with the hospital. Week 3 began with more bailing out of the water that had accumulated in the trench during heavy rainfall over the weekend. Then, in the north-west corner of the trench (closest to the main road) what appeared to be a tumbled limestone wall was excavated – not very wide, and with a number of sherds possibly all from the same 16th – 17th century vessel in amongst the stones.  This was too insubstantial for a medieval building wall, but happily, as enthusiasm for this feature reduced, two other areas of stone in the south and east of the trench started to become much more interesting. By the middle of week 4, these had been resolved into two sections of the limestone foundations of a very substantial wall, and the current thinking is that these could be part of a medieval chapel, located close to the burial area.

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